Willy Wasser and Pony

Willy and the Pony, the two German mascots have been enjoying Spain, they have barely stay at home!!!!

Sandra, Lucía, Dani, Elsa, Noelia, Alicia, Sara and Enrique have been the first ones in taking care of them and taking them out to show them around and enjoy some of their daily activities. Making pizza, going to the cinema, walking around Valladolid, eating pop corn, enjoying a nice bath, and even playing Hockey (not a very common sport in Spain) have been some of the activities they have been doing during this week 

We´ll see what they will do the next one!!!!!

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  1. I am sorry, the slideshow can only be seen on the computer, it is not working well on Ipads and other tablets,,,,Sorry about that!!!I am an expert in languages, I am not as excellent in NT


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