Bronson went to a Soba-Ya in Tokyo.

Japanese noodle was very yummy.

(row fish)

(Tempra on rice bowl)

"I'm full!"

Oscar has taken a tour around the whole school with the children of class 6a! He has had so much fun and has met so many nice people. The class even wanted to do a class photo with him! :-)

Our supercool principal, she's Dutch and a crazy soccer fan (like most of the school's teachers)

Our school secretary, she keeps track of everything!

This is our school police cop, he's always there to help!

This is the little shop where we can buy cold snacks during the breaks, the photo was taken after the break had ended and there was NOTHING left over :-)

This is the school canteen, yummy! 

Errrr, no sorry. Wrong picture!!! :-)))

Here is our canteen:

 Our school yard:

This is the "centre", it's where our school day starts. It's where we can buy snacks during the break and there are monitors that show us if there are any changes of subjects or teachers! The school spreads out like a star from the centre!

Oscar has been a very sportive duck since he has arrived in Germany. The children have taken him to several different sports events and he has always been eager to take part in all sorts of sports. He wanted to go and see a big soccer match, since there are two big teams in Hamburg, and the children explained to him that he must choose. The two soccer clubs are big rivals, one is FC St. Pauli, the fans are famous all over Germany and even outside of Germany because they go crazy - no matter if the team wins or loses, the colour of the team is brown. And there is the HSV, whose colours are blue and white, they play in a better league than St. Pauli and their stadium is newer and bigger than that of St. Pauli. Oscar chose St. Pauli, and had a great time (although the team lost!!), and the children that are HSV fans didn't mind that he chose to go to St. Pauli. The next mascot will surely go to a HSV match :-)

Quak Quaaaaaak! Oscar had a ball playing with the toys of Miss Böhl's little daughter! He particularly loved the little pink Barbie Ferrari he was allowed to drive in. He crashed it into the Xmas tree a few times but he is a tough and brave little duck so there was no problem. But sssssshhht!!! don't tell Barbie. She will go crazy if she hears Oscar crashed her car… ;-)

Oscar has been very curious in seeing how Xmas is celebrated in Germany. He wanted to light all four candles on the Advent wreath but the children explained to him that he is only allowed to light one candle more every Sunday before Xmas. He was said when he heard he won't be in Hamburg when the third and fourth candle are going to be lit. He liked the idea of drinking spiced tea and eating gingerbread inside with the candles lit while it was raining and stormy outside :-)

On Christmas Eve,

Bronson is waiting for Santa with a cup of Japanese tea and Senbei(rice cracker).

Haru is also waiting for Santa's coming.

Can they meet Santa?
Merry Christmas!!!!

Bronson went to Odawara Castle.

This castle was constructed by Omori Yoriharu to rule over the region of Nishisagami during the Mumomachi period (about 400 years ago). 

Odawara located in the western part of Kanagawa Pref.
Kanagawa Pref. is located at the next to Tokyo.
Hiratsuka, our home town is also in Kanagawa Pref.
It takes about an hour and a half from Central Tokyo by local train.

Map of Japan

At Odawara castle, 
Bronson found the sign.... "I want to try to be Samurai!"

Yes! Looks nice!

After taking off Samurai outfits,
We walked around the castle.

a view from the top of the castle

After visiting the castle, 
we went to Ryokan (a Japanese style hotel) to take a hot spring bath.

At the entrance.
Take off your shoes.

Bronson wore Yukata(a kind of Kimono).

Tatami floored elevator.
Tatami mats are traditional straw mats.

Hot spring bath!

You can enjoy games and treats.

Ice cream

Bronson is reading a guide book of Japan.

At the souvenir shop
They are dried fish.

It was a wonderful short trip with Bronson. 
Thank you!

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