Oscar's last days in Hamburg - the two famous soccer clubs in Hamburg!

Oscar has been a very sportive duck since he has arrived in Germany. The children have taken him to several different sports events and he has always been eager to take part in all sorts of sports. He wanted to go and see a big soccer match, since there are two big teams in Hamburg, and the children explained to him that he must choose. The two soccer clubs are big rivals, one is FC St. Pauli, the fans are famous all over Germany and even outside of Germany because they go crazy - no matter if the team wins or loses, the colour of the team is brown. And there is the HSV, whose colours are blue and white, they play in a better league than St. Pauli and their stadium is newer and bigger than that of St. Pauli. Oscar chose St. Pauli, and had a great time (although the team lost!!), and the children that are HSV fans didn't mind that he chose to go to St. Pauli. The next mascot will surely go to a HSV match :-)

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