Hello! Xólotl is in Japan now!

Hello from New Buffalo, Michigan!

Our school is called New Buffalo Elementary school, so our mascot is 

Bronson the Bison. 

He shows up at sporting events to cheer on our teams, goes home with students to help with homework, and loves to roam far and wide. Last year, his older brother Bucky got to travel the world and had so many interesting experiences that Bronson just had to join in the fun.

Lisa Wilson

Hola a todos!!!
Hello everybody from Valladolid (Spain)!!!

Our mascot´s name is Stripy.

We are not sure whether it is an original name/mascot or not, we just made it up when we knew we would be participating in the project and we were kind of in a hurry... I hope it works though. My students are 8/9 years old and they are excited and nervous and don´t know what to expect from the experience. I hope they like it and we do things the way you all expect from us. 

The mascot has the colours of the logo of the academy which are the 7 chakras (yoga energy points) , the 7 rainbow colours, and in the mascot they mean to represent that we can have friends all around the world no matter what language they speak. I try to tell my students that that is the most wonderful present we can have, friends all around the world, with different backgrounds, cultures and languages who can teach us lots of interesting things and with whom we can share everything in spite of the distant. 

See you soon!!!


Hello! Hola! from Montpellier.

My students are very excited with the project! They are 11 years old and they study Spanish and English. We are going to use more Spanish than English.

Our mascot is a duck called Oscar.

See you!

Hello, from Japan!

We've worked on making new mascots.

Names of these,

Robo 04-shiki

(Robo type 04)


My Melody & Origami-chan

( "chan" is used as the diminutive suffix and rather to call a little girl or to show your affection or friendliness to a young girl.)

My son(HARU) and my daughter(Nanami) will work together.

Yukie Wada
Willy Wasser and Little Horsie at Ooka Echizen Festival

Video Recipe - Japanese Curry

Goldfish catching 

Stripy at Nihon Miraikan

Stripy meets ASIMO

Stripy in Kyoto

The Story of The Three Little Pigs - Japanese Version

The Story of The Three Little Pigs - Spanish Version

The Story of The Three Little Pigs - American Version

How to make a Piñata

Piñata Song

Bronson with Organ Grinder in Mexico City

Bronson in an Aztec Dance in Mexico City

Willy Wasser and Little Horsie meet Valladolid students

Thanksgiving in New Buffalo with Stripy

An American Thanksgiving

Stripy meets New Buffalo students

Bronson in Japan

Xólotl in Japan

Bronson in Hamburg

Stripy in France

Willy and Horsie in Japan

Oscar in Mexico

Team Japan in New Buffalo

Xólotl in Valladolid

Bronson in Montpellier

Stripy in Japan

Willy and Horsie in Mexico City

Oscar in the USA

Team Japan in Spain

Xólotl in Hamburg

Bronson in Japan

Stripy in Mexico 

Willy and Horsie in New Buffalo

Oscar in Spain

Team Japan in Hamburg


Xólotl in Montpellier

Bronson in Mexico

Stripy in the USA

Willy and Horsie in Valladolid

Oscar in Hamburg

Team Japan in France

Xólotl in Japan

Day of the Dead Altars in Mexico City


Xólotl in Mexico City

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