Before they left, Bronson and Xololt went to the North of Spain (Cantabria)to the beach. they loved it there. And of course Bronson left his coat at the hotel!!!!

Spanish coast is very famous and we receive thousands of tourists every year. The most famous coast is the "Costa del Sol" in the South, but the Mediterrean Coast is also very well known (Costa Brava, CostaDorada...). But I especially like the North of Spain as well. the weather is not as good as in the East or South but the area is super especial not only for the beaches but also for the mountain and green areas perfect for hiking, walking and breathing healthy air!!!!I recommend it especially in spring and summer. Besos!!!

OHHHH!!!Our students are so sad to let the mascots go!!We will prepare a video and a presentation for you as soon as they leave. We have dedicated so much time to them that we didn't have much time to dedicate to the blog!!!We hope we can make it up to you soon. B4N!!!!!!!

Finally!!!!!Bronson has arrived in Valladolid!!!!Xololt and him have finally met!!!WELCOME!!!!

We´ve been doing some interesting things with Xolotl (nobody in Spain can pronounce his name well haha)

Jimena took Xolotl to El campo grande, a big park in Valladolid where he could see different types of birds and plants and he could meet some peacocks!!!!Rodrigo and Gonzalo took him around the area where we live at, and even got wet in the fountain!!!

We took Oscar to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant on his last night in Japan.

Oscar in Kimono

Our favorite sushi place

Make a cup of green tea for Oscar

Soy sauce variation 

Miso soup

I'm full!

Oscar and our French friends,
we love you!

A bientot !

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