Stripy went to Kyoto in the last weekend.
It takes about 2 hours and a half by Shinkansen, the fastest bullet train in Japan.

Kyoto (京都, Kyōto) served as Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868. It is now the country's seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million people and a modern face.
Over the centuries, Kyoto was destroyed by many wars and fires, but due to its historic value, the city was dropped from the list of target cities for the atomic bomb and spared from air raids duringWorld War II. Countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today.

At Sennyuji Temple

At Fushimi Inari Shrine

Tofukuji Temple

At Maruyama Park
This park is famous for beautiful cherry blossoms.

Yasaka Shrine

Town in Kyoto

The fastest bullet train in Japan

Back to Tokyo Station

It was a nice trip! 

Here is the Japanese "Three little pigs"!

Sorry it took so long!!!!It is not as good as we wanted but unfortunately we have very little time!William is English and he has said "Colorín colorado este cuento se ha acabado", la frase típica con la que terminan los cuentos en España. Will you be able to say it too???????????

My students and I absolutely adored Oscar, but receiving the Japanese mascots have been really moving, we have especially liked the Japanese writing!!!!

We have "Los tres cerditos"almost ready. 

Soon we are celebrating Easter here. La Semana Santa is one of the most important festivities in Spain and processions are very important in Valladolid. You are welcome to come and visit!!!Tomorrow we will explain what this celebration is about and put lots of links and photos.

Today, Stripy went to an elementary school!

He is studying math.

After school, we celebrated HINAMATSURI.
It's a Japanese traditional doll's festival for girls.

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