Bronson in Hidalgo state's Magical Towns

Bronson spent a weekend in Hidalgo state. He visited two towns,  "Real del Monte" and "Mineral del Chico" 

The town of Real del Monte, also known as Mineral del Monte, is a small pueblo mágico (the Ministry of Tourism’s designation for a unique and historically significant village) with a long and rich heritage. It was one of the first mining towns the Spanish established after The Conquest of the Americas. Much of the silver and gold mined during the colonial and post-colonial periods came from this part of the country. 
 Real del Monte was heavily influenced by the Cornish immigrants who came to the area in the 19th century. Many mining companies from Cornwall came to Mexico to exploit the abandoned mines using new technology created during the Industrial Revolution. These British immigrants not only brought technology with them, but also soccer (the first soccer matches in Mexico were allegedly played by mining workers here), architecture and, most importantly for us, the pastes.

Pastes are a type of stuffed pastry similar to pasties eaten in England. As the story goes, miners needed a snack deep underground, but because it was impossible to wash their hands before a meal, the pastes were adapted with a special baked-in handle of crust along the side. This was used to grip the paste so that it could be eaten, and then the dirty crust handle would be tossed aside.
Mineral del Chico is a much smaller town than Real del Monte, but we found it much more enchanting. It was also founded by Spanish conquerorss during the gold and silver rush of the 16th century. Today, the main attractions of this area are the forest and all the outdoor activities that this spectacular natural setting offers. Guided visits to old mines are also available for people interested in hiking, climbing and learning more about the history of mining.

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