Oscar's last days in Hamburg: tour of our school!

Oscar has taken a tour around the whole school with the children of class 6a! He has had so much fun and has met so many nice people. The class even wanted to do a class photo with him! :-)

Our supercool principal, she's Dutch and a crazy soccer fan (like most of the school's teachers)

Our school secretary, she keeps track of everything!

This is our school police cop, he's always there to help!

This is the little shop where we can buy cold snacks during the breaks, the photo was taken after the break had ended and there was NOTHING left over :-)

This is the school canteen, yummy! 

Errrr, no sorry. Wrong picture!!! :-)))

Here is our canteen:

 Our school yard:

This is the "centre", it's where our school day starts. It's where we can buy snacks during the break and there are monitors that show us if there are any changes of subjects or teachers! The school spreads out like a star from the centre!

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