Nosy Oscar opening his Advent calendar

Dear all,

French cutie Oscar the duck is packing his bags and will be very much missed here! Oscar has so far had a ball in Hamburg! "His" German kids have been competing to take him home and to different events during his stay in Germany. He has seen many homes here in Hamburg and he has been made perfectly fitting little duck t-shirts and self-made jewellery the kids made for him. While the German students are now very quickly writing down the last diary entries, Oscar is relaxing from all his adventures beside his packed parcel, uh, suitcase! :-) He has been very eager to help open the daily Advent calendar which counts down the last days until Xmas, he is one nosy little fellow! As many students and teachers have been ill here with the temperatures falling and the weather becoming more miserable, Oscar has been a star in helping and nursing Miss Böhl back to good health. In the picture he is seen decorating Miss Böhl's Xmas tree just before leaving to go to Spain. He is hoping for some warmer conditions there ;-)

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