Stripy in Mexico City Downtown

Declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beautiful Colonial-era buildings and monuments, the Historic Center is the heart of the city and where all visits should begin.


The main square is the political, economic, social and religious center of the country. Here is the Templo Mayor, the remains of the Aztec temples, and a statue of an eagle perched on a cactus, which the Aztecs interpreted as the chosen place to build their city: Tenochtitlan. The Palacio Nacional, which houses five murals by Diego Rivera, faces the square, as well as city hall and the Cathedral, the largest and oldest in Mexico. 


The Alameda Central is the oldest public park in Mexico City and one of the favourite places of relaxation for the inhabitants of the city. Mexico City's first city park was built on the grounds of an Aztec market. Viceroy Luis de Velasco created the park in 1592, just in front of the square of the Inquisition. Initially square, the park was enlarged into a rectangular shape between 1766 and 1771.

A great number of Alamos (poplar trees) were planted in the eastern limit of the then young vice-royal city. When it was noticed that the Alamo trees weren’t growing fast enough they decided to exchange them for ash and willow trees which have a faster development. Nevertheless, the name of Alameda has remained until our time.


The jewel in the crown of downtown, the palace of fine arts has a dazzling marble exterior and an art deco interior. The interior is decorated with paintings by Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Álfaro Siquieros and Rufino Tamayo, while the galleries host visiting exhibitions, and the auditorium, with a Tiffany curtain, hosts concerts, opera and ballet.


Once the city’s tallest building, and still a distinguishing feature on its skyline. It housed an insurance company in the 1950s, and which gave the tower its name. 

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  1. Great photos , nice job children!!!I´d love to go back to Mexico!Have you ever been to Spain??????I have been to Mexico twice and I just loved it!!!!


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