Rosca de Reyes with Stripy

In January we said “Welcome” to Stripy with a “Rosca de Reyes”.

Every January 6th, children in Mexico celebrate Three Kings’ Day asking for and receiving toys and gifts for the Three Wise Men a.k.a. Magi (Melchior, Casper and Balthasar). 

Days before, they write a letter to the Magi asking for presents; then they send the letter to the sky tied to a flying balloon. On January 6th they receive their presents depending on if they was naughty or good guys during the last year. The Magi usually put the presents next to one of their shoes.

On January 6th, at night, families have a special dinner with a special round bread called “Rosca de Reyes”, that Rosca has fruit ornaments like the ornaments in a crown; in the inside there are some baby Jesus dolls, if you find one of them, you become baby Jesus’s godfather and you’ll have to make a party with tamales on February 2nd. (Candlemas). 

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  1. You are all so so so cute!!!!Did you read our post????We celebrate the same festivity!!!!But as I told you we call it Roscón de Reyes instead of Rosca


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