Farewell party with Stripy

We said “Good bye” to our friend Stripy with an “Arróz con leche” breakfast. 

Arróz con leche a.k.a. Spanish rice pudding is a very popular dessert in Mexico and all over Latin America. It was brought by the Spaniards. Rice isn’t native to the Americas, it was introduced by the Spanish conquerors.

Spanish rice pudding is a typical creamy dessert in Spain that is made by cooking rice slowly in milk with sugar. Rice pudding can be served cold or hot and is usually accompanied by cinnamon or raisins.

It is commonly believed that Spanish rice pudding was introduced into Spain centuries ago during the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. This theory is derived from the fact that there are many traditional mixtures of cinnamon and rice in Arabic cultures.

We like to eat our Arróz con leche with rolls.
Do you like Arróz con leche (Spanish rice pudding)? How do you eat it?

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