Oscar and Ms. Wilson meet Mr. Tejeda in Chicago


Last March, Oscar met Mr. Tejeda in his first day in America. They spent the afternoon in Chicago. It was a very special day because people in Chicago were celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

It's a holiday when the Irish taverns are packed, jovial crowds jam the city streets and the Chicago River sparkles brilliant shades of emerald green.

In what might be one of the world's most famous St. Patrick's Day rituals, 45 pounds of eco-friendly vegetable dye are poured into the Chicago River to turn it emerald green for the occasion (Watch the video).

The dyeing of the river remains a beloved tradition for many generations of Chicagoans (it dates back over 50 years ago) and draws nearly 400,000 spectators downtown looking to catch a glimpse before taking in the parade that follows. The Chicago River keeps its coloring for about five hours only.

This was the first time to Oscar, Ms. Wilson and Mr. Tejeda to see the Green Chicago River, so they were really excited about it, and the three of them totally loved it! 

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