Bronson with Sishimai -Lion Dance on New Year's Day

Adapted from China, the shishimai (Lion dance) is often performed around the New Year by one or two lions accompanied by bamboo flutes and drums. It was performed as a prayer for household safety and a good harvest.
There are regional variations; one or two people wearing the lion costume, and one or two lions dancing. At the end of the dance, the lion "bites" the heads of some watchers, to bring luck.
The shishimai shown here is performed at New Year by employees of the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno. The dance features not only a lion but also characters such as a "hyottoko", and "Daikoku", the shinto god of wealth and protector of the soil.

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(Experience Museum Chiba Prefectural Boso-no-Mura)
Boso-no-mura is a facility that reproduces a Japanese scenery of 150 years ago at the Boso area (including the Narita Airport area) which were old samurai residences, and farmhouses, and other buildings. Here, you can experience first-hand various types of Japanese culture such as traditional crafts and events that have been passed down through the generations.

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