Moin from Hamburg! We are presenting Willy Wasser and the little horsie from Hamburg!


Dear all, we want to proudly introduce our Hamburg mascots to you! We have two, as we have two school classes participating in the project. So here in Hamburg we have close to 50 pupils aged 10-12 taking part in the project. They are all learning English as their second language.We are all very much looking forward to the project!

Willy Wasser is a very relaxed-looking drop of water, he stems from the big Hamburg water supplier "Hamburg Wasser". His owners in class 6b were very reluctant to let him go, as they are very fond of him. They want to offer him this unique chance for a round-the-globe getaway, so off he went to France. The little horsie belongs to the kids in class 6a. He has a very sad story to tell: his last owner didn't treat him very well, so he ran off. He now is in bad need of a holiday, and therefore was elected by the class to be the lucky one to travel the world and have many adventures in far away countries. He can even neeeeiiiiiiighhhh… 

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